RV / Motorhome


Our RV appraisals are usually completed and returned within 5 to 7 days. Our appraisals are complete and include all damages related to the loss.
Our appraisals also include a detailed report confirming any non related damage, possible supplement items and if there may be any possibility of subrogation on the claim.

We will also try to obtain an agreed cost of repairs on any RV that is in a repair shop at the time of our inspection. We will also advise if we feel the need to have a partial tear down to confirm any hidden damages that may adversely affect the claim.

We also provide, for any RV that appears to be a TOTAL LOSS, an accurate ACV which includes Dealer quotes and “live” salvage bids to aid in disposal of the salvage. Or if requested we can also submit through various other valuation services such as CCC, ADP, Mitchell, etc.